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ASROCKS is a Life+ -project aiming to provide guidelines for the exploitation of aggregate resources in areas with naturally elevated arsenic concentrations


ASROCKS-project (Guidelines for sustainable exploitation of aggregate resources in areas with elevated arsenic concentrations),

The main objective of the ASROCKS project is to provide guidelines and risk management tools for the exploitation of natural aggregate resources (crushed bedrock, sand and gravel) in areas with naturally elevated arsenic concentrations in the bedrock and soil in the Tampere-Häme region in southern Finland. In addition, guidelines are also developed for the re-use of aggregates in construction areas with elevated arsenic concentration. The guidelines and tools produced during the project are targeted both for the aggregate producers and environment authorities.

The organizations taking part in the project are:

Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)
Tampere University of Technology (TTY)
Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

ASROCKS-project is funded by EU's Life+ Environment Policy and Governance –programme and the partners of the project: Geological Survey of Finland, Tampere Technical University and Finnish Environment Institute. In addition, the project is co-financed by Pirkkala municipality, Rudus Oy, Verte Oy, Vuores-project in Tampere, NCC Roads Oy, Pohjola Rakennus Oy and Ministry of the Environment..

The project duration is three years and takes place during 2011-2014.

Deliverables of the project

Reported deliverables of the ASROCKS project are located here.

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