GATEWAY events

Since the project is focusing on Latin America and especially Peru in 2018 all our planned activities for dissemination will focus on Latin America.We have decided to take part in one event in Europe in order to promote our services and to map out relevant stakeholders with connection to Latin America and to map out  start-ups and SMEs and relevant stakeholder that could have an interest in taking part in our main event which will be held in Peru in September 2018.

The main events planned for 2018 are:

  • 10-12.4 METS 2018 EU-LA conference and trade show in Madrid

  • 23-26.9 XIX Peruvian Geological Congress - Geology: Science for sustainable economic development - in Lima, Peru

  • 27.9 Gateway workshop / seminar attached to XIX Peruvian Geological Congress

Besides these main events we will also take part in most relevant EIT RM organized events to more proactively continue discussions with different CLC officers and to get more direct contact with EIT RM supported start-ups with interest in internationalization. Besides interaction with start-ups and SMEs we will also actively discuss our project with funding and innovation agencies/ centers as well as policy- and decision makers in Europe and Latin America and Africa.