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MPM Online Tool

MPM Online Tool is a web tool for assessing regional scale mineral prospectivity in northern Finland with geospatial datasets in GIS. The primary aim of the MPM online tool is to support strategic planning of companies conducting mineral exploration in northern Finland. Appropriate modelling with the MPM Online Tool may indicate for the most prospective areas making land claims for further advanced exploration. The available input data for MPM Online Tool are open source spatial geological, geophysical and geochemical data provided by the GTK. The geoprocessing tools are made by using ArcGIS Spatial analyst functions (Fuzzy Overlay, Fuzzy Membership) and model accuracy can be validated with the area under the receiver operating characteristics curve (AUC). Universities are encouraged to use the MPM Online Tool for teaching of prospectivity modelling.

The MPM online Tool can be accessed at
The MPM online tool can be operated with any modern web browser without installing any additional software onto the user's own computer.