Project Partners


Geological Survey of Finland (Lead Partner)

The Geological Survey of Finland studies climate change impacts on groundwater resources and supports the development of feasible solutions and adaptation measures for sustainable water management in changing climatic conditions.
Johannes Klein

Logo Geological Survey of Finland

City of Mikkeli

The city of Mikkeli focuses on identifying sensitivities of groundwater resourcesin changing climatic conditions. The effects of storm waters and the interactions between surface waters and ground water are assessed.
Hanna Pasonen

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City of Lahti

The City of Lahti focuses on climate change effects on the groundwater. How does it affect groundwater level and quality, and how can urban planning address these challenges.
Saara Vauramo

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Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY

HSY provides and develops new information and tools for stormwater management in urban areas and communicate and share experiences with project partners and stakeholders.
Maaria Parry

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Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory

Voeikov MGO provides specific climate parameters for water management based on long measurement series in St. Petersburg. A regional climate model for St. Petersburg will be created as a basis for modelling current and future scenarios as well as for microclimatic zoning for St. Petersburg.
Elena Akenteva

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Federal State Budgetary Institution "State Hydrological Institute"

“State Hydrological Institute” identifies climate change impacts on surface water quantity and quality and provides the hydrological and ecological quality components for other related project activities.
Maria Mamaeva

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State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”

State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” identifies the areas of the city most vulnerable to climate change effects and reasons for flooding; it develops a hydraulic model of the city on pilot sites with further development of recommendations for adjustment of regulatory and strategic documents on water resources management.
Irina G. Kostenko

Logo SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg