Perugia map (WDMAM2007)

The map was printed in June 2007 and released at IUGG 2007 at Perugia, Italy, July 3 2007 (Please see pages 16-17 of the preview).

This version of map - WDMAM2007 or WDMAM 1st Edtion - is available at CCGM - 77, rue Claude Bernard 75005 Paris, France  - - or from the publications sales of GTK.

The numerical data and map images  may be downloaded from the server of the GTK.

The European part of the WDMAM2007 displays two different signatures of continental crust plus banded oceanic magnetic anomaly signature.

Please refer to  publisher and WDMAM pages upon presenting images and results derived from numerical data in internet.

Reference to WDMAM2007: 
Korhonen, J. V., J.D. Fairhead, M. Hamoudi, K. Hemant, V. Lesur, M. Mandea, S. Maus, M. Purucker, D. Ravat, T. Sazonova, E. Th├ębault 2007, Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World; Map published by Commission for Geological Map of the World, supported by UNESCO, 1st Edition, GTK, Helsinki, 2007. ISBN 978-952-217-000-2