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Arsenic map

Arsenic concentration in glacial till (highest concentrations shown in violet color) (C) GTK


Risk Assessment and Risk Management Procedure for Arsenic in the Tampere Region

RAMAS project is funded by the participating organizations and the LIFE Environment program of the European Union. The acronyme RAMAS arises from the project title "Risk Assessment and risk Management procedure for ArSenic in the Tampere region". The project is targeting the whole Province of Pirkanmaa which comprises 33 municipalities, and has 455 000 inhabitants within its area. The Finland's third largest city of Tampere is the economical and cultural center of the region.

RAMAS is a three-year project (2004 - 2007) which is implemented by an excellent consortium providing a wide range of disciplines and expertise to cover the versatile and challenging field of risk assessment and risk management.

ramas ramas

The partners involved are:  

Geological Survey of Finland
Helsinki University of Technology
Pirkanmaa Regional Environment Center
Finnish Environment Institute
Agrifood Research Finland