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SUSMIN – Tools for sustainable gold mining in EU

Gold mining has challenges in eco-efficiency and extraction methods (e.g. cyanide) and novel sustainable methods and technologies for mineral processing, water treatment and management of environmental and social impacts are needed. This will be addressed by the three year long project SUSMIN.


  • New geophysical techniques for gold exploration
  • Eco-efficient ore beneficiation methods and alternatives to cyanide leaching
  • Novel water treatment solutions by advanced adsorbents
  • Solutions for monitoring, characterising, predicting and preventing environmental effects of mining
  • Tools for enhancing the corporate social responsibility, community engagement and management of the stakeholder relations
  • Case studies in Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese and Romanian mine


  • Supports environmentally, socially and economically sustainable gold production in EU
  • Technologies and solutions to manage economical and environmental risks related to gold mining

Users and competition

  • Global mining industry, technology companies, equipment suppliers, consults and authorities in EU
  • Direct and significant economic benefits

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