Excursions and Tours

The tours and the excursions will be arranged to destinations within 100 km from Vaasa. The Pre-Conference Tour (Social programme) and the Post-conference excursions (Scientific programme) are at additional costs (50 Euros per day), while the Mid-conference Tour is included in the registration fee.

A Pre –conference tour to the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage site (approved on geological grounds) will be arranged on Sunday 26 August. See the Social Programme for more information.

During the Mid-conference tour (Tuesday, August 28) we will visit the 2000-ha poldered AS-area of Söderfjärden, formed in a meteorite impact crater (500 million years old). We will visit two pilot sites for development of mitigation methods.

During the Post-conference excursions a transect of young AS soils recently emerging from the sea, and old AS soils that emerged from the sea thousands of years ago and have been used for agriculture for over 100 years, will be visited. In addition to an introduction on potential and actual acid sulfate soils at different stages of pedogenesis, participants will be introduced to soil remediation and water management issues related to the adverse environmental impacts of these soils. 

Sunset in Kvarken at 23.00 (11 pm) in July 2011. Photo:  Peter Edén.


Sampling AS soil. Photo: Olli Breilin.


Installing a plastic wall to prevent flow of acid soil water in a pilot site, which we will visit during the Mid-conference tour. Photo: Rainer Rosendahl.