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Minerals Strategy

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Mining vision 2020

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Finland’s Minerals Strategy completed

The availability of natural resources and resource-based industries production have become essential to prosperity and well-being in our rapidly changing world. However, the global distribution of mineral resources is rather uneven, with over 50% of the world’s mineral production originating from politically unstable areas. At a time when the minerals industry is becoming more and more diversified, there is nevertheless an increased vulnerability to regulatory changes in access to resources, to obstacles in trade and commerce and to major fluctuations in commodity prices.

With regard to many critical metals and minerals, Europe is heavily or fully reliant on imports, so that disruptions in availability and supply can pose a significant risk. The EU has begun to address this issue by implementing the Raw Material Initiative in 2008. A number of related measures have been launched since then, including the attempt to formulate a uniform minerals policy for the EU. Finland has expressed its strong support for the initiative.

In addition to EU policy measures, national strategies are required to secure resources and to promote the minerals sector. Accordingly, the ministerial working group on climate and energy policy has commissioned the preparation of a Minerals Strategy for Finland. The key terms of reference have been to anticipate international and domestic development trends in the minerals sector over the next few decades, and to make recommendations concerning the formulation of a sustainable minerals policy and the development of the minerals sector in a way that satisfies the needs of both society and business.

The minerals sector covers the mining industry, which produces metallic ores and industrial minerals, as well as other extractive industries that refine rock material and natural stones. The minerals sector also includes companies who produce the machinery, equipment, technology and services required for extraction and mining.

Finland’s diverse mineral resources represent a significant part of the Finnish national wealth. Finnish expertise and innovations in the minerals sector also have a significant global impact, through the provision of exploration and mining equipment and processing technologies and services. Effective utilisation of our mineral resources both secures the supply of raw materials and creates the prerequisites for balanced and sustainable regional development far into the future. Through our expertise in the minerals sector, we can also actively promote a global minerals economy that is both efficient and socially and environmentally responsible, as well as generate new international business opportunities.
Three strategic objectives and 12 action proposals related to four distinct themes have been defined to facilitate implementation of the minerals strategic vision.

Strategic objectives:

Promoting domestic growth and prosperity
Solutions for global mineral chain challenges
Mitigating environmental impact

The themes of the action proposals:

Strengthening minerals policy
Securing the supply of raw materials
Reducing the environmental impact of the minerals sector and increasing its productivity
Strengthening R&D capabilities and expertise

Finland's minerals strategy - Vision 2050


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The Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Chief Inspector of Mines Riikka Aaltonen (forename.surname_tem.fi)
Geological Survey of Finland , Research Director Pekka Nurmi (pekka.nurmi_gtk.fi) and Senior Specialist Saku Vuori (saku.vuori_gtk.fi)