GTK's Battery mineral project, 2019-2022

Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) commenced a four year Battery mineral project in 2019. Main scope of the project is to carry out mineral potential evaluations with emphasis on Cobalt, Lithium and flake graphite. One of our aims is improve and test geophysical interpretation abilities to penetrate deeper with higher resolution. Modelling and drilling of depth continuations of the Koillismaa 2.44 Ga layered intrusions is an excellent place for this.

The project will produce updated nation-wide ore potential evaluations for the selected three battery minerals, mainly based on data accumulated over GTK’s history expending back to 1886.

In belt scale the project studies areas lacking up-to-date basic geological data, but which host some indications of interesting mineralisation systems. Work in these areas starts as collection of new field observations and geophysical data, allowing better understanding of their overall geological development and true ore potential.

Bottom up approach, starting from target scale is used in places where the basic geological data is relatively good, but there are indications of a mineralisation system not previously known from the surrounding area. Such targets are studied in some detail in order to gather enough information for ore potential modelling of these “new ore type” in surrounding areas.

Some more information can be found from this presentation given in 3rd International Critical Metals Conference in Edinburgh in 2019.

For more information please contact project manager Bo Långbacka,

Modelling, data mining, ore potential evalution etc. are all important, but still, you have to look at the rock to understand it. Some of GTK's summer assistants, 2019 edition,  having a closer look on an excursion.